• Stage 1 – April 1 – 114Km / +2.271m
  • Stage 2 – April 2 – 120Km / +1.945m
  • Stage 3 – April 3 – 160Km / +3.000m
  • Stage 4 – April 4 – 98Km / +1.920m
  • Stage 5 – April 5 – 71Km / +1.100m
The total of the 5 stages is 10,236m
All the mountain passes have a difference between 4 and 10% with a sum less than 10Km.
Most of the route runs on secondary roads with good asphalt, free of gravel.
You can call the assistance number, which will be available on your race number or on your participant wristband, we will locate you and pick you up with a vehicle of the organization team.
The next day you can start with the others if you want, but you can not appear in the general ranking anymore.
Yes, you could. The next day you can start with the others if you want, but you can not appear in the general ranking anymore.
The route is designed that way, so it can be completed within the cut-off times, which are very achievable.
No, they are not. For the ranking purpose will be taken the best three times within the team, as it happens in the big cycling tours.
You will have enough supply stations in each stage. There will be one in approximately every 30 Km, depending on the terrain.
It is not recommended for this type of tours with constant sections of up and downhill.
Yes, the road network in the area allows you to travel without any problem to many points of the route.
No. We want you to enjoy five days of authentic cycling at your own pace and without haste. Do not worry, we are sure, that you can accomplish the route of each stage.
You will have everything you need to regain strength: water, isotonic drink, cola, bars and gels, nuts, cookies and fruit.
All the stages are perfectly marked and there is personnel from the organization team in all conflict points. You just have to focus and follow the indications at the crossings or when passing through some town. Remember that the route is open to public traffic and you should always follow the traffic rules.
No. You have to care about your clothes at each of the stages.
Yes, but no matter that - you must comply the traffic regulations.
Yes. At the time of registration you can extend the accident insurance for the days you wish apart of the 5 stages of the Tour.


Yes, for this you can contact the organization team (at and Golden Tour Hotline +34 93 159 40 40 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.)
Yes, we can fill out the form with all necessary information together over the phone.
Yes, you can do it in the OFICIAL STORES of Golden Tour.
Yes, you can do so by contacting the organization team at and Golden Tour Hotline +34 93 159 40 40 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
You can hire a personalized masseur or physiotherapist service at the hotel. You can also order laundry service and buy the photo pack of your participation in the tour.
Having a room for an Individual use only is an additional service with extra charge;
No. Participating in the tour doesn't obligating you to finish all the stages.


Yes, you have full board included from the dinner on Sunday, March 31 (the day before the start) until breakfast on Saturday, April 6 (the day after the finish).
Yes, but this has to be contracted during the registration; extra charges apply;
The participants are grouped by the order of their registration. You can request to have a room with another participant by your choice.
Yes. You can order it at the hotel as an extra service.
Yes. You can indicate it at the moment of registration, while choosing a double or a quadruple room.


During the event, in the hotel will be available an indoor swimming pool, SPA and different game areas. Cambrils, Salou and Port Aventura are also an option to enjoy it with your little ones, as they are in a reachable distance from the resort.
Yes there will be during the stages and also in the evenings; the proposals for each day will be published;
Yes. Access by private vehicle is possible, as the route and many of the roads in the area are open to public traffic and allow you to approach the participants without any problem.


Each timed section is between 5 and 15 Km approximately and will involve mostly climbing.
You can call to the assistance number which you will have on the race number and the participant's bracelet. We will locate you and pick you up with any of the vehicles of the organization.
Yes, there are fixed and mobile points. If the issue is serious, you can call to the assistance number and we will go to try to fix your equipment.
Yes. You can request it as an extra service and you will receive a pack of personalized photos from the stages and general photos from the event.
Yes. You can order it at the hotel as an extra service for the days you want.
Yes, the hotel has rental service for high-quality bikes, perfectly prepared and adjusted to your needs.
Yes, the hotel has a cycling shop with all kinds of equipment (helmets, glasses, shoes, clothes, etc).