• It is a 5-stage cycle tour that takes place from April 1 to 5, 2019.
  • There are neutralizing sectors during each stage, especially the first and last kilometers of each day.
  • It is a demanding route, but at the same time, within the reach of any cyclist who has a level of training adapted to travel 563 km in five days. Removing the times is exclusivity for this event; the Golden Tour seeks more the cycling challenge, than the sports competition.
  • The ranking will be made based on the special timed phases, which each stage will contain. The rest of the road will pass in accordance with the traffic regulations of the road authorities for cyclist tours (respect traffic regulations, ride on the right side of the road, give the lead at roundabouts, do not throw any garbage on the road, etc. ).
  • Individual participation or by teams of three to eight cyclists. Each entrant participates in the timed phases individually. For the teams - the best three times of the team members will be considered.
  • The registration is "all inclusive". Accommodation, race pack, gifts, meals, assistance during the tour, insurance and refreshments are included. It also includes a basic massage at the end of the tour and parallel activities for participants. Registration without accommodation is not possible.
  • The distance and the cumulative difference in each stage are:
    • Stage 1 - April 1 - 114 Km / + 2.271m
    • Stage 2 - April 2 - 120 Km / + 1,945m
    • Stage 3 - April 3 - 160 Km / + 3,000m
    • Stage 4 - April 4 - 98 Km / + 1,920m
    • Stage 5 - April 5 - 71 Km / + 1,100m
  • The following categories are established:
    • Individual:
      • Absolute Female and Male
      • Master 30 Female and Male
      • Master 40 Female and Male
      • Master 50 Female and Male
      • Master 60 Female and Male
    • Teams:
      • Female, Male and Mixed (with at least one female as a member of the team; her time will be measured in all of the stages);
  • Best times in the timed daily phases will be rewarded.
  • To qualify for the final ranking, it is mandatory to complete all stages within the maximum time established.
  • The companions of the participants could access the Colden Tour for a reduced registration fee, which includes: accommodation, maintenance support and parallel activities;
Golden Tour - Costa Daurada
Golden Tour - Costa Daurada
Golden Tour - Costa Daurada


The Golden Tour is an all-inclusive event. The registration fee includes the sport activities, accommodation and maintenance support.

The price is final; it is not possible to reduce it with excluding the accommodation.

Having same full pension accommodation in the 4* Eldorado Resort in Cambrils, is beneficial for the participants for the following reasons:

  • Start and Finish line are the same. All the stages have different routes, except the first and the last kilometers.
  • The participants and their companions do not need to change their accommodation or location;
  • The participants can find all the necessary services in Eldorado Resort (workshop, rental road bicycles, masseurs, spa, sauna, dining room, guarded parking for bicycles, briefing room, etc).
  • Easy access to the event for participants’ family members and companions;
  • Same parking spot during the whole event;
  • Close to the beach and all shops and services in Cambrils;
Golden Tour - Costa Daurada
Golden Tour - Costa Daurada
Golden Tour - Costa Daurada


For the convenience of the participants, the breakfast and the departure timetables are same for all stages: breakfast from 7am to 8am; departure at 9am.

The timed phases are always carried out in the middle of the race without any interruptions during the phase.

The arrival to the final line is organized, based on the rhythm and the capability of arriving of each participant; refreshments will remain available till the last participant arrives.

At mid-afternoon, for the participants and their companions, are prepared parallel activities: exploring the area and relaxing together.

In the evening, after dinner (from 19:30h to 20:30h), will start the Award ceremony of the stage, on which will be shown photos and videos of the best moments that day.

Golden Tour - Costa Daurada
Golden Tour - Costa Daurada
Golden Tour - Costa Daurada


Identity check up control; leaving at 9am or at 10am. All the participants will follow the vehicle of the organization; the speed will be in accordance to the maximum allowed traffic speed in the area.

After an average of 10 to 15 km, the race speed can be increased, adapting to the riding speed of the cyclists. The traffic rules should always be followed; riding is allowed in the right lane of the road only.

A signalization will indicate the start of the timed phase, during which there won't be interruptions. The starting point will be marked as a time control point. A signal will notify for the end of the timed phase.

At each refreshment point a mechanical assistance will be available. Each of the participants will have a telephone number of the direct assistance staff to which can call in any case of emergency.

Although a big part of the route takes place on small or not so busy roads, the use of the public roads in that event means, that both: participants and vehicles of the Organization should follow the traffic rules in the area.

The arriving to the finish point will always be indicated in the last kilometers, so the participants should start reducing their speed and approach in a slow manner the area of Eldorado Resort, Cambrils.