In the Individual category, to appear in the final ranking, each participant has to complete all stages of the tour.

The established categories for this classification are:

  • Absolute Female and Male;
  • Master 30 Female and Male (born 1980 to 1989)
  • Master 40 Female and Male (born 1970 to 1979)
  • Master 50 Female and Male (born 1960 to 1969)
  • Master 60 Female and Male (born 1959 or before)


The teams are made up of 3 to 8 participants.

In each stage, the 3 best team member times of each timed section will be taken and the sum will represent the Team time in the stage ranking.

The teams can be Female, Male or Mixed (with at least one woman as a member of the team which score will be taken in the timed sections of each stage).

Los participantes de la modalidad de equipos también aparecerán en la clasificación general individual final.

The participants of the Team category will also appear in the final individual general ranking.